Batu Aksoy | MEMBER

Batu Aksoy is the CEO and Board Member of Turcas Petrol, an oil and energy focused investment company, and its controlled subsidiaries. Flagship subsidiaries of Turcas are Shell & Turcas Petrol and RWE & Turcas South Power Generation.

Mr. Aksoy is, at the same time, Vice Chairman of Aksoy Holdings, a diversified holding company with subsidiaries in the tourism-real estate, international trade and banking sectors besides the oil-energy industry.

Batu Aksoy is the Honorary Consul of Chile in Istanbul, a Board Member of TURKONFED (Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation), a Reserve Board Member of TUSIAD (Turkish Industry & Business Association) and Vice Chairman of the TUSIAD Energy Working Group, a Board Member of the Turkish-American Business Council of DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey), a Member of ETD (Energy Traders Association) which he Chaired during 2013-2014, a Member of PETFORM (Petroleum Platform Association) which he Chaired during 2006-2008, and a Member of the Dean’s Advisory Council at The Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School.

Batu Aksoy, born in 1977, is married with a son. He speaks fluent English and has graduated from The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA), Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty in 1998.