K. Ekim Alptekin | CHAIRMAN

As the Chairman of the Turkey-U.S. Business Council (TAİK) of DEİK, Mr. Ekim Alptekin is committed to boosting Transatlantic trade and bolstering the commercial angle of decades-long Turkish-American partnership. Prior to assuming the Chairmanship Mr. Alptekin served as a member of the executive committee.

Mr. Ekim Alptekin proudly serves as an Honorary Consul to the Republic of Albania, and represents the Republic of Turkey in the Board of the United States Nowruz Commission. He is also a member of the European Council of Foreign Relations and the Turkish Industry and Business Association TÜSİAD.

He is a major shareholder of Eclipse Aerospace; an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based aircraft manufacturer and commercially active in the Real Estate, Defense and Entertainment industries through his companies EA Property Development and Construction Investment, ATH Defense and Security Solutions and One Colony Organization A.Ş.

Mr. Alptekin is also a board member of Mega. Mega is one of the leading financial asset managment companies in Turkey.

Mr. Alptekin graduated from the University of Utrecht with a degree in law and economics. After graduating, he worked for various international institutions, notably the United States House of Representatives in Washington DC, Dutch Parliament in The Haque.

Mr. Alptekin served as the President of TABA-AmCham in 2012-2014, was awarded the Commercial Leadership Award by the American Turkish Council in 2011 and the American Turkish Society elected Mr. Alptekin as a Young Society Leader in 2012.

Born July 13th 1977, Mr. Alptekin speaks Turkish, English, Dutch, French and German. He is married and a father of three.