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How to be a TAİK Member?

In order to catch up with today's global competition, Turkish companies should get involved in international activities and be active in the foreign markets. Although Turkish firms improved tremendously in terms of entrepreneurship, efficient risk management and dynamism, they are still in need of capital, technology and know-how backup; these requirements are mostly provided through international relations.

The main goal of DEİK is to establish these relations, provide necessary knowledge for the company business plans and strategies, provide solutions to the problems encountered in foreign relations and build a platform that helps Turkish companies to meet their counterparts from foreign countries, through DEİK Business Councils.

DEİK and the Business Councils organize more than 600 activities annually, providing opportunities for partnership, cooperation and new trade relations.

Furthermore, DEİK plays a key role in promoting the projects of Turkish companies seeking funds for the projects or foreign partners among the international organizations.

The companies can be members of DEİK, by assigning a representative with whom DEİK will be in contact. Turkish companies are free to take part in any of the Business Councils divided into 8 different regions under the Secretariat General of DEİK. In this respect, one Turkish company may join more than one group of Business Councils by appointing more than one representative.

For questions about the TAİK membership, please contact