Seymur co-founded Turkven in 2000 and has led numerous deals for the firm.

He was formerly with McKinsey & Company in Istanbul focusing on corporate portfolio strategy and at Caterpillar Inc. in Geneva as a product manager with responsibility for the EMEA & CIS regions.

Seymur has an MBA from INSEAD and an MSc and BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics from the ETH Zurich.

Seymur currently serves on the Boards of Medical Park, MNG Kargo, Koton, Mavi, Flo and Domino's.

Established in 2000, Turkven is the leading alternative asset manager in Turkey with 17 investment professionals and AUM of $2 billion. Turkven advised funds have invested in 24 companies resulting in total equity and debt placements of over $5 billion.

Turkven has a history of landmark achievements in the Turkish PE market, such as raising the first independent PE fund and realizing both the first and the largest venture backed LBOs on record. The recent IPOs of Mavi on the BIST and Domino’s on the LSE also established industry milestones.

The firm specializes in industries with high growth and has a culture of company-building and industry expertise. Turkven funds have traditionally invested in industry leading firms and created value through top-line growth, with negligible leverage.

Turkven’s portfolio currently includes Turkey’s leading hospital chain, leading footwear retailer, leading fast fashion retailer, leading supermarket chain, leading denim based casual wear retailer and the leading delivery fast food chain.