Mahmut Ünlü | TAİK New York Chair

Mr. Ünlü is the Chairman and CEO of ÜNLÜ & Co, Turkey’s leading investment banking and asset management group.

Mr Ünlü co-founded Dundas Ünlü, a M&A boutique and the predecessor to ÜNLÜ & Co, in 1996. He served as the Managing Partner in the build up to an investment bank and oversaw Standard Bank of South Africa’s acquisition of a majority stake in the company, in 2007. Between 2007 and 2012, while serving as the Deputy Chairman, and CEO of Standard Ünlü, he also served as a member of Standard Bank International’s executive committee. In 2012, he formed ‘ÜNLÜ & Co’ to acquire the controlling stake of Standard Ünlü as well as various other asset management companies of the group. Standard Bank became a minority shareholder in ÜNLÜ & Co in 2015 and Wellcome Trust, UK’s leading charitable trust, acquired a minority stake in 2016.

Mr Unlu holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Georgia Institute of Technology (1989) and an MBA degree from Rice University (1991).